drakes dad: *calls drake*

drake: hello?

drakes dad: son, i saw it

drake: saw what

drakes dad: dont play that game with someone sent it to me on instantgraham

drake: oh…..

drakes dad: be honest with me about 1 thing

drake: what?

drakes dad: …..did you nut

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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

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Dylan O’Brien arrives to Fox 29’s ‘Good Day’ on September 2nd, 2014 
5sos reading the fan fiction about themselves. Calum: actually this is all fucking spot on i like it i'm gonna read this stuff
Michael: ok i am either a cuddly kitten or mad as fuck and mysterious and cocky there is no in-between here what is going on
Luke: alright so the piercing isn't going anywhere anytime soon as in never
Ashton: daddy ash? thats so cute their writing about me as a dad aweh *opens imagine and reads*
Ashton: they didn't mean me as a father nope alright thats enough for today


I just wanna hug CLAMU!….. And maybe touch the bootie a lil

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In the spirit of Teen Wolf - here’s babysprayberry 
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